Is your organisation responsible for maintaining safety or business critical infrastructure?

If so, does your organisation have a clear understanding of exactly what maintenance records are held – both internally and by your maintenance contractors?

Even if you believe this to be the case, it’s worth taking some to reflect by answering the following 10 questions:

  1. What types of maintenance record do you hold within your organisation and where are they stored?
  2. When was the last time you reviewed data storage arrangements to ensure that they are appropriate and secure?
  3. Have you assessed the criticality of each type of record you hold?
  4. If digital records are not on corporate systems, have you evaluated the risk associated with local spreadsheets and are you comfortable that those risks are controlled?
  5. What retention and or archiving arrangements are in place, are they fit for purpose?
  6. If corrective actions have been identified during audits, have these been effectively managed and implemented?
  7. Is best practice known and promoted?
  8. If you had to retrieve a record in the event of an investigation or audit would the way records are stored and indexed allow them to be located and retrieved?
  9. Are any of your records subject to GDPR from May 2018? If it does, can you demonstrate how you have evaluated the risks and how you will ensure compliance to the regulations?
  10. In the event of a change to your organisation, how confident are you that you could effectively manage the transfer of maintenance records and responsibilities between organisations or departments with no loss of historic records?

Our new Arcspeed Maintenance Records Register (MRR) product can help you answer these critical questions by providing an intuitive and secure central register for all maintenance data that can be used to manage and measure compliance and which can easily be shared with key stakeholders whether they are internal staff or maintenance contractors.


Key features of our solution include:

  • Fully managed cloud based platform – can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively with no hardware / infrastructure costs
  • Secure, web-based solution allowing role-based access to maintenance records data across your organisation and 3rd party supply chain
  • Fully configurable to meet your organisation’s specific requirements
  • Interactive dashboard providing real time metrics
  • Comprehensive audit history recorded across the system
  • Task manager functionality allows the ability to schedule and record activities associated with records, such as periodic reviews and audits
  • Allows records to be tagged as being in scope of GDPR
  • Allows details of retention and archiving to be recorded
  • Record risks assessments and audits and manage associated corrective actions
  • Link your records to business processes, standards and relevant legislative requirements



The MRR platform provides a highly cost effective way to manage your maintenance records, and we even offer a 30-day free trial of the solution, so you can evaluate the business benefits for yourself without any risk or obligation.

Just contact us to find out more or to arrange a trial.