The concept of Arcspeed Asset Manager (AM) was born from our four decades of combined experience in implementing and supporting infrastructure asset management solutions in highly regulated and safety critical industries. During this time we’ve identified a growing need to bring the benefits of asset management software to a much wider customer base.

The platform we’ve developed provides an accessible and easily customisable way for organisations of all sizes to save costs and improve efficiency and safety by enabling them to use the latest digital technology to take better control of their asset information.

At its heart is the Asset Register – allowing you to take a more structured approach to asset management by recording detailed information on sites, buildings, equipment, plant and vehicles, and presenting this data in interactive table and map views.

Job Codes are used to define templated tasks for both reactive and scheduled maintenance, and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation or to statutory maintenance standards (for example SFG20).

Optionally, planned maintenance Job Codes can be linked to custom inspection task-lists to easily enable the capture of asset condition data as part of scheduled inspections recorded via the Mobile Asset Management app.

Maintenance Schedules offer the ability to automatically generate planned maintenance work orders at the appropriate frequency, ensuring that critical maintenance is not missed and providing assurance of compliance with statutory maintenance regimes.

Work Orders provide a consistent way of recording and assigning work to both internal teams and contractors, and an easy way to view the maintenance history of an asset.

Dashboard reports provide real-time visibility of currently due tasks and job bank backlog status.

We believe that Arcspeed AM offers the following key benefits:


Arcspeed AM is suitable for a wide range of use-cases across multiple sectors including transport, land & property, leisure, facilities management and environmental applications.

As an entirely cloud-based solution it is quick to deploy and requires no additional investment in IT infrastructure, whilst our flexible API architecture offers a range of options for integration with existing systems.


Our self-service configuration model means that the solution can be entirely tailored to your needs. You can define your own job codes, inspections, asset types and associated attributes to meet your specific business requirements, and control and manage the system with ease.

Cost Effective

Arcspeed AM is functionally rich, but offered at a far lower cost compared to mainstream infrastructure asset management platforms, and is easily scalable to grow with your organisation. Our self-service configuration functionality greatly reduces the need for customisation and significantly reduces the whole life costs of operating our solution.


Deployed via the cloud, and hosted in Microsoft Azure, Arcspeed AM is secure, robust and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Our flexible cloud-based platform can also be quickly and easily scaled up to meet growing demand with little or no operational downtime.

Fully Mobile

When used in conjunction with our Mobile Asset Management platform, Arcspeed AM provides a seamless way for field-based staff to access asset information and record maintenance tasks and inspections, wherever they may be. Our app’s offline working capability even makes this possible when working in areas of reduced or non-existent connectivity.

Interested in learning more?

We are passionate about using our technology to solve “real world” problems, always love a challenge and believe the best way of seeing the benefits of our technology solutions is to try them yourself.

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