Exmoor National Park Authority

We’re very excited to announce that Arcspeed Digital Solutions are now working with Exmoor National Park Authority, who have recently taken the decision to implement our Arcspeed Asset Manager (AM) and Mobile Asset Management (MAM) products to assist with land, facilities and property management within the park.

The Arcspeed platform will be used to support a number of key operational processes including:

  • Creating a central register of assets across the National Park including land, property, ICT equipment, vehicle fleet and visitor facilities – all of which can be accessed from anywhere
  • Managing and recording property, building and vehicle inspections and other essential maintenance tasks
  • Automated scheduling of statutory maintenance activities to help ensure the safety of visitors to the National Park
  • Improving efficiency and response times by providing a simple and intuitive way to record, prioritise and assign ad-hoc work via our mobile app

Our solution is flexible and easily customisable, combining an asset management and work scheduling system with a user-friendly mobile app which has full offline capability, enabling it to be used in even the most remote locations.

“We are very pleased to be working with Arcspeed. We have a varied range of assets and we hope these applications and support will improve our efficiency, reduce risks of accidents and help us to provide a great service for anyone who enjoys the National Park.”

Dan Barnett, Access and Recreation Manager, Exmoor National Park Authority

Along with Dartmoor National Park Authority, Exmoor are the second of our iconic National Parks to choose our products and we are once again very proud to see our technology playing a role in maintaining and conserving such nationally important and sensitive landscapes.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our products could potentially help your organisation to maintain its assets, resources and infrastructure, then contact us for a free consultation and trial.

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