The East London Line is a section of the Transport for London (TfL) London Overground network serving the East End, Docklands and South East London.

Arcspeed Digital Solutions Ltd have provided software and mobile application support to maintenance operations on the line since 2017, initially working as part of the project team preparing for the commencement of the new infrastructure maintenance contract awarded to Cleshar Contract Services following the financial collapse of the previously incumbent, Carillion.


Following the collapse of Carillion, TfL had an urgent requirement to identify, source and catalogue historic infrastructure maintenance records and make them available to the incoming maintenance contractor.

Alongside this they also had a requirement to undertake a thorough inventory of the stores managed by the previous incumbent, and to develop a central KPI reporting solution to enable the ELL management team to monitor contract delivery against a range of key performance indicators.

There was also a strong desire to maximise working efficiency and improve both data quality and compliance by digitising maintenance record cards and integrating them with the organisation’s asset management system.


Following our agile project methodology we were first able to rapidly deliver our Maintenance Records Register web portal, enabling the different types of maintenance record card to be defined, providing a central repository for scanned copies of historic record cards, and the ability to monitor the timely and accurate return of maintenance records for ongoing planned maintenance.

A tactical, cloud-based stores management solution was also implemented in order to capture, validate and cleanse data prior to handover to the incoming maintenance contractor.

Alongside this, the Arcspeed team worked closely with key stakeholders to develop a KPI Reporting portal which consolidated data from numerous sources and provided a single point of access to view contract delivery performance across 15 key performance indicators encompassing People, Delivery and Customer measures.

Following these implementations, Arcspeed were subsequently engaged to begin the process of digitising maintenance records via our Mobile Asset Management app, commencing initially with a simple generic solution for the Signalling discipline, but later moving to full digitisation of record cards for the Mechanical & Electrical engineering and Telecoms teams as well as developing mobile inspection and H&S forms for London Overground’s in-house QA inspection team.

Through 2021 and 2022 the team have developed further digital record cards for the Signalling, HV Power and Track engineering disciplines.


Arcspeed’s KPI Portal and Maintenance Records Register now play a vital role in the day to day operational management of maintenance on the East London Line. Alongside this our Mobile Asset Management App has introduced widespread efficiency and data quality improvements across all disciplines by introducing a robust and scalable platform for digital record cards, fully aligned to the relevant engineering standards.

Following a project to implement IBM’s Maximo platform, Arcspeed’s flexible, API-based architecture provided the opportunity to fully integrate our product suite with the client’s asset management system. This enables technicians to directly access their work-bank on a mobile device, and record completion of faults, pre-planned and ad-hoc maintenance as well as recording supplementary evidence in the form of calibrated tools, resource hours, detailed measurements, photos and record cards, all of which are automatically uploaded to Maximo.

Our app footprint has also been further extended to include a comprehensive suite of asset condition inspection reports for Signalling equipment (SICA) which support effective investment and planning by providing a real-time insight into the current status of London Overground’s signalling asset infrastructure on the East London Line.

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  • Client: London Overground
  • Project Type: Maintenance Record Register, KPI Portal, MAM App Deployment
  • Lead Resources: Glen Garrard, Jon Vernon, Jake Bodenham, Jo Castle
  • Dates: January 2017 to Current
  • Website: